Segmented Bowl

The segmented bowl is made from 232 individual pieces of hackberry and black walnut. The rim diameter is 14" and it is 8" deep. It's finished in 4 coat of Watco Butcher Block Finish, providing a durable and food safe finish.

This bowl was made as a donation to the Empty Bowl fundraiser at the Paramont Arts Center in St. Cloud on March 22nd, 2009. It will be a part of a silent auction to raise money for the Family Crisis Center of Stearns County and Place of Hope ministry.

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Jumbo Segmented Vase

Turned from 668 individual pieces of white oak, black walnut, maple, cherry and Purple Heart on a Delta X5 lathe. The vase stands 24” tall and 14’ at its widest. With a wall thickness if ¼”, it weights less than 5lbs. It’s finished in several coats of Behlen’s Woodturner’s finish.

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